The Dos and Don’ts while writing a Blog

Creating a blog and not making some common mistake is rarely seen by new blogger. But if someone is here to help you out in blogging will drastically increase the understanding how the blog works. Here are some of the dos and the don’ts that should be kept in mind by a new blogger in order to setup a clean and flourishing blog.

Find the niche you love the most and you will not get tired on writing a numerous of article on it. When motivated from inner, a person is passionate about that and would put his soul mind and body to make it perfect. Same is with the blog.

Find a profitable niche is also an important aspect. Apart from the niche you love a person should be able to find the niches that are top at the on-going trends. This helps in more traffic and page view of the blog.
Include one or two links at least in the blog to another site have similar related information on which your blog is based. This helps the blog in search engine result climb. Responding to the blog comments tell the people that the blogger is active and the blog is regularly updated. It also helps in getting the feedback from a variety of people and come to know about their views on the topic of your choice.

Including images in a blog will increase its page ranks and page views.

Use the social media like Facebook, twitter, Google+ to post about your blog post so that your friends see what you are upto and spread the word. So as everything has dos in them, here are some of the don’ts to be kept in mind by a new blogger. Limiting the word count and not going for lengthy blog will help greatly. People get bored of reading blogs which are in too much of length. Keep the word length around 500 and everything will run smoothly.

Try not to be negative in a blog. The negativity will not attract people to read your blog posts. Have a neutral conclusion to the blog discussing about both the pros and the cons of the particular topic. Impeccable English is a must in blogging. People reading the blog are expert in this field and they will certainly get cranky if they see grammatical mistakes in the blog posts. In short it gives a negative impression. The last but not the least, try not to write long paragraphs. Long paragraphs are tiring to read specially the one who is reading on smartphones or tablets.

Hope this will help someone in his journey of blogging. Good Luck.

Is Blogging And Article Writing Same?

People often confuse blogging with article writing. Well, there is a misconception among folks about it. Actually these both terms are completely different from each other. Article writing and blogging have entirely different aspects and as far as blogging is concerned, it goes deeper.

In article, we write and distribute, circulate it and the more number of circulations the greater is the success. After writing we don’t think about it much and its content. Article writing refers to a simple technical review or some latest news of something happening or maybe a whole lot of things. People read it and forget it. They don’t pay much attention to it because they are a simple source of information and not a thought provoking piece of writing. Static nature of the articles makes it one time readable. Newspaper, Wikipedia and many other sites does this. Whereas let us look at the blogger’s aspect.

A blogger does write an article but he will write to indulge in it and engage so that he will make other people engage in that same topic he’d written on. He will discuss with other people about the various strands of his topic. In other words he will socialize with the people. He will converse with other people on a network and encourage other people to join in. An old blogger will remember the permalinks were designed in such a way to make people interact and engage deep in the topic. These days there is a new way to engage which is through commenting. People comment and in replies the writer can write what he feels about the commenter’s remark on his work. Blogging is dynamic and is expanding just like our universe to more and more new boundaries. We have seen trackbacks being used in order to get wide reader coverage through posting links of other blogger posts signalling that he had engaged the post.

Hash tags are being used in order to interconnect to similar articles on the blogging sites which connects the same mind-set people from all over the worlds. Suggestion links are mentioned on the side and even on the last of the blogs. Writing persuasive and engaging content is the motto of a blogger and this gives them a presence on the net helping them to reach out to a greater number of people through their work. Bloggers are creative in nature and are busy in finding new ways to engage people around the world and bring them together on a single platform of blog. So, confusing blogging with simple article writing will be an injustice to the blogging community, thus keep your facts straight.